Packaging Data

makes material packed on plastic spools. These spools could then be packed in corrugated boxes and further shrink wrapped on pallets as per customer requirement (please ask for packaging standard when placing an order).

These plastic spools are returnable unless otherwise agreed between and the customer. The plastic spools are of 2 types – Cylindrical and Plastic Tapered as given in the table below. Please choose the spool on which you want material to be delivered.

Also, to ensure best performance with wire, please take special care when handling. We suggest the following guidelines:


  • All incoming shipments should be checked for damage during transportation. If damaged, please contract freight carrier.
  • When using a fork lift or hand cart, be careful not to bump or penetrate the outside of the cartons as this may damage the magnet wire.


  • Avoid double stacking the wire pallets.
  • Store cartons on their original pallets and keep unused spools safely stored in their original cartons until needed. Store the wire carton in a dry, non-corrosive location. Keep the wire protected from dust and other contaminants.
  • Do not stack different sizes of spools together or near each other, the spool flanges may rub against the wires and cause nicks or dents.


  • Check top flanges for any damages; use very fine grit sand paper to remove minor nicks on the flanges.
  • If the spool is to be returned to its original carton for later usage, please secure the loose end by tying it to the flange.
  • Keep the spool as straight as possible when inserting into a payoff shroud.
  • Maintain proper tension control during wire usage.


  • If the magnet wire must be returned, use original packaging materials and identity the cause for the return on the spool flange.


  • Do not stack spools outside of the original box or carton.
  • When removing spools from the carton or package, complete bend all lids and flaps away from the spools.
  • To protect the wire enamel, do not remove the spool wrapper until ready to load the spool onto the winding equipment. Use extreme caution when removing the tape from the wrapper and place wrappers back in cartons for reuse.
  • Care should be taken when handling spools near jewellery, metal objects or chemicals; contact may damage the wire enamel.
  • Avoid placing your fingers to far into the carton handling slots; contact damage the wire enamel.
  • Carry the spools by using the provided hand holes or handles.
  • Spool Dimensions