Ordering Information

In order to quote for or deliver the right product to our customer, we need the following information:

  • Conductor type – Copper or Aluminium or other special requirements
  • Conductor size – in mm / SWG (Standard Wire Guage) / AWG (American Wire Guage)
  • Insulation Type – Polyester, H Class, Dual Coated (PEI+PAI), Self solderable, Self bonding, C class (PAI)
  • Temperature class of insulation – Class 130°C, Class 155°C, Class 180°C, Class 200°C, Class 220°C
  • Specification reference like IEC 60317-8 or NEMA MW-35C or JIS C 3202-PEW
  • Thickness of covering – Fine, Medium or thick covering OR Single, Heavy or Triple Build
  • Spool size – PT 4, PT 10, PT 25, PT 45, PT 60, PT 90, PT 200, PT 400, DIN 200, DIN 250 or any other special requirement.
  • Quantity of wire required
  • Invoice and Delivery address