Code Of Conduct

Our Relationship with Customers

  • Commitment to high standards: expects from its employees highest level of commitment towards Product quality and its customers.
  • Responsiveness to customer: Every customer whether big or small should be serviced satisfactorily.

Our Relationship with Outside Business Entities

  • Ethical dealings with suppliers and customers expect its employees to deal ethically with all suppliers & Customers.
  • Accepting or giving gifts: Any gift accepted or given to any business partner of whether done officially Or personally should be brought to the knowledge of the management. Strict action can be taken against anyone Violating the above norms.
  • Respecting the confidential information of others
    - Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property of another company must not be shared by with any 3rd party.
    -Competitive information of any suppliers or customer must not be shared by with any 3rd party.

Our Relationship with the Company

  • Conflicts of interest: Not to engage in any business, relationship or activity, which is directly or indirectly in Conflict with the company's interest.
  • Trade secrets and proprietary information: All internal data and information: All internal data and information, Unless authorized should be kept strictly confidential.
  • Protecting 's assets: The employee should endeavor to protect and preserve all assets and resources.

Our Relationship with Each Other – People are our greatest resource

  • Successful-working relationships built on mutual respect and trust:
    - Relationship with other employees
    - Relationship with those you supervise — communication/listening
    - Relationship with your supervisor